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Enjoy Travel have a big variety of travel styles , is a good chance to explore Egypt's most amazing places: discovering real people, real culture and having incredible real life experiences , enjoying the natural sights in the same time like the Red sea and the River Nile

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Enjoy Travel highly values the preservation of the environment and goes to the furthest lengths to ensure that the tourism we offer is as sustainable as possible. Our trips are designed and executed with the environment in mind in order to preserve the scenic and natural beauty that is Egypt.

  • ⦁ Private transfer from airport to accommodation
  • ⦁ Meet and assist at all Egypt Airports and borders to facilitate check in procedures
  • ⦁ Entry Visa to Egypt.
  • ⦁ Guided Inbound and Leisure sightseeing tours.
  • ⦁ Management of Guest List .
  • ⦁ VIP HANDLING: Special Guest Relations staff assigned to VIP attendees to ensure their constant comfort and satisfaction.
  • ⦁ Overall assistance in planning & execution
  • ⦁ Accommodation booking tailored for clients expectations
  • ⦁ Multi lingual assistance
  • ⦁ Creation of comprehensive conference design manual.
  • ⦁ including conference logo, bulletins, PR materials
  • ⦁ creative themes and proposals
  • ⦁ registration services
  • ⦁ BRANDING: Creating and placing banners and branding. EXHIBITION SPACE: Designing, building and coordinating exhibition space as required.

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