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About Egypt

Egypt is located in the North-East of Africa. His borders have changed throughout the time, at present it limits to the North with the sea Mediterranean, on the South with Sudan, to the East with the Red sea and the peninsula of Sinai and on the West with the desert of Libya.

Population : More than 104.000.000 hab, general census of 2018.
Official language: The Arab, although at professional and tourist level, in general one speaks English and French .
The official language is the Arab, although in the whole country English and French are extended, and in other tourist zones we will be able to find many persons who speak Spanish .
Population density: 800 hab/Km2 Capital Cairo .
Religion : 90% Muslim and 10% Christian The majority of the population, more than 90%, is of Muslim confession. It coexists also another religion which is the Christian one; Most of them belong to the Coptic doctrine , Friday is the holiday for the Muslims and for a month in the year is the Ramadan period, which both business hours, transportation and life in general are affected by this religious holiday.
Electric current : 220 volts and plug is the same as used in Spain and Europe. .
climate : Egypt in general is a hot and dry country. However, two very distinguished climates can be differentiated between the Nile Delta and the Upper Egypt Valley.
Local Time:
Egypt is with an advance of two hours with respect to the timetable of Greenich, in the time zone GMT 2. With respect to Spain is only an hour in advance.
customs and traditions :
Egypt is a country of different customs of its people but that for a long time they are adapting to the customs of their visitors and the differences between customs are not so remarkable anymore. The Egyptians are kind and very polite people who respect the customs of all their visitors. Among the Egyptian customs, there is no doubt the celebration of weddings. As in all parts of the world, weddings in Egypt represent a great event, shared with family and friends, and with an important display of luxury and beauty. The music, the color and the joy are its protagonists without forgetting the gastronomy.. The Egyptians celebrate their festivities depending on their religion: Muslims of Islam and Copts from the ancient Egyptian tradition. Both celebrate the festivities of a national character. The Islamic calendar (or Hegira) has eleven days less than the Gregorian. Ras-Sana is the celebration of the New Year, and the Moulid al-Nabui commemorates the birth of the Prophet Mohamed, Parades are organized in the lit streets, with drums, special candies and the consequent banquets. Ramadan, it is a very important period in the Islamic year, during this period, the Prophet Mohamed received the revelation of the Quran and the Muslims fast the whole month of Ramadan from the dawn to the sunset. The end of Ramadan (Id al-Fitr) marks the end of fasting, which is celebrated with great jubilation and amusement. Id al-Adhá is the time of pilgrimage to Mecca Eid al-Adha is represented by Muslims around the world with the offering of an animal sacrifice (commonly a lamb or a cow) as an action of gratitude for God for saving the life of Ishmael, son of the Prophet Abraham. The flesh of the animal is divided into thirds, one for the person who presents the beast, another to distribute it among his relatives and the last third for the needy, regardless of their religion, race or nationality. One of the most widespread customs and perhaps you can know is that in the mosques can not go into shorts or short skirts as it would mean disrespect. If you do not wear proper clothes do not worry as you leave a layer so you can fulfill this tradition. The cuisine of Egypt is very varied because of its geographical position which makes the bridge between African and Mediterranean cuisine. Egypt is a country with a large expanse of desert and this is noticeable in some of its culinary customs (such as the frugality of its dishes). However, being a Muslim country many of the gastronomic customs are governed by the laws of Islam .



Passport-carrying travellers from Spain, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela and Peru require an entry visa. If your country is not listed above it is advisable to consult the competent agencies in each country of origin or with our offices in order to avoid confusion or unnecessary errors. The entry visa to Egypt can be obtained in several ways, or in consular representations in different countries; or directly on arrival at the international airports of Egypt .


To enter Egypt the passport must be valid for at least six months. Enjoy Travel representative will always ask for the passports on arrival to give it to the reception of the hotels and/or motorboats for their documentation according to the procedures indicated by the tourist authorities. In less than 24 hours, passports are returned directly to customers .


The country can be accessed with 250 cigarettes, 250 grams of tobacco or 50 cigars, one litre of alcohol and several personal effects. We must declare the video cameras and all the money that is introduced in the country. Remember to keep currency exchange vouchers. all cash, jewellery, cameras, traveler's checks and electronic equipment should be declared in the customs declaration form delivered to all tourists upon arrival at the airport .


We recommend that the customers take all the essentials so that the trip is not missing anything. For example, cameras and video cameras, in addition to these memory cards – buying technology accessories in Egypt can be very expensive. We also recommend that customers inform themselves about the country through a good tourist guide. Due to the amount of pharaonic ruins, it is common for some customers to miss so many explanations from the local guides.


We recommend that the customers take all the essentials so that the Comfortable clothing is the key to withstanding the dry climate of Egypt; Especially if you travel between the months of June and September. Cotton T-shirts, shorts, comfortable slippers, yarn shirts, all this type of clothing will be very grateful when you are in the middle of the temple of Karnak at 10 am. It is possible that in some motorboats there is a night with a gala dinner in the restaurant or on the upper deck – you have to be well informed as in some cases you can veto attendance at the venue. Overall in hotels and motorboats, breakfast and food do not have a dress code, but for dinner time, men should wear long pants and shoe .


It is recommended to wear natural and light fabrics, with some coat for evenings, sunglasses, light and comfortable shoes. Long trousers and shirt for the gentlemen at dinners. Socks for the visit to the mosques, as you have to go barefoot inside. Pareo If short pants or suspender t-shirts are used for entrance to mosques. Cosmetic products to protect against the sun and mosquito repellents. .


The official currency of Egypt is the Egyptian pound, which is divided into 100 piastres. There are coins and/or banknotes of 25 and 50 piastres, as well as 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 , 200 L.E. Most of the establishments and shops accept the main credit cards, using the same can be a charge of 3% .


Vaccine is required for visitors coming from Western countries. We recommend to drink bottled mineral water, not to accept drinks with ice cubes or bottles not opened in front of you, not to consume the fruit that has not been previously washed, to carry tissues for the bath, especially in the circuits, since the Egyptians Use the Arab system (cleaning with water.


The main dish is usually of mutton meat are typical dishes: the KEBAB (roast lamb), the KOFTA (Grilled lamb meatballs), the FATTA (lamb boiled with rice and bread soup). Pastry is the traditional Middle East, based on honey, almonds, and sesame oil. The fruit abounds only in Cairo and in the Delta. It is not advisable to eat raw food or fruit without washing .